Thursday Doors, The Anne Frank Secret Doorway

Anne Frank Secret Doorway

It was an interesting experience to go through the hidden door behind the bookcase and to climb the steep steps into the rooms where they lived and hid.

Imagine staying hidden and quiet all day without a mobile device and the internet!

The little guide book calls it a ‘Museum with a Story’ and this sets it out against other museums that do not have the same emotional connection.

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28 responses to “Thursday Doors, The Anne Frank Secret Doorway

  1. wow, what a feeling that must have been


  2. Thank you for sharing this. I still vividly remember the feelings that came rushing to the surface (and spilled out of my eyes) when I visited the museum.


  3. Hard to imagine those hidden, secret lives, but visiting must have made it more real. That first photo is lovely. Is that a view the Franks might have enjoyed?


  4. You have brought up an interesting topic here.Thank you !!


  5. I too have visited the Anne Frank Museum and it certainly has a chilling air to it.


  6. It sends chills, doesn’t it? 🙂 🙂


  7. Very brave of you. So sad that she nearly made it


  8. Very topical at the moment. A welcome reminder of what we must never forget.


  9. A sad but timely reminder of the terrible cruelty we humans are sometimes capable of. We can and should be better than this – always.
    It must be a somber and humbling place to visit. Thanks for sharing this.


  10. I used to live just opposite the Anne Frank House for about a decade. What has often puzzled me when I walked passed the waiting line (that often stretched around the corner…still does by the way) how people abroad had heard about this story of one of so many. Guess it’s because of people like yourself keeping its flame alive.


  11. I think I would take full advantage of the library, having them change up the books regularly. Beyond that, really hard to imagine, Andrew. –Curt


  12. I haven’t read that story for much too long. I visited there once in the mid-seventies. Sobering.



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