Postcard From Delft, the Netherlands


After the cramped alleys and the narrow streets the Market Place was in complete contrast – a vast cobbled open space with elegant gabled houses, shops and bars.  The Renaissance town hall with its red shutters at one end and at the other the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) with its almost one hundred and ten metre tall spire (the second largest in the Netherlands after Utrecht) rising majestically into the sky like a needle.

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5 responses to “Postcard From Delft, the Netherlands

  1. What a lovely place….I’ve never explored Holland- perhaps I should go


  2. I’ve visited Delft twice, once many years ago when John was at a conference there. I explored the town for one day and on the other days got trains to The Hague and Rotterdam. I agree the latter isn’t very attractive but I found a good art gallery. More recently we went to Delft as a day trip from Amsterdam. It’s so lovely. I remember that cheese shop, though we didn’t go in preferring to stock up on our favourite cumin Gouda somewhere cheaper!


  3. beer cheese and nightlife in one phrase. Well good bye its done. Cheers

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