Entrance Tickets – Donegal Castle in Ireland

Donegal Castle

Donegal was much smaller than I imagined it would be (my research was hopelessly inadequate on this point) and although it was vibrant and busy it didn’t take a great deal of our time to walk around the town centre and pay a visit to the splendidly restored castle, stop for lunch in a hotel bar and then make our way back to the car park to begin the journey back to Sligo for our final night in Ireland –  for this year anyway.

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Donegal Postcard

5 responses to “Entrance Tickets – Donegal Castle in Ireland

  1. Presumably the castle’s tower structure was the first bit to be constructed and then came a life of leisure rather than warfare.


  2. Just read your full story and what an interesting one.
    I agree with all you said about the terrorist Gerry Adams. Such a pity no one managed to take him out! No one deserved the atrocities that were committed over there.


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