Entrance Tickets – The Mary Queen of Scots’ Visitor Centre


I made my way to the house where Mary Queen of Scots lived for a month in 1566. She may or may not have stopped there of course, both England and Scotland are littered with houses that claim a royal visit but as I approached I got a feeling that this claim might just be genuine.

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4 responses to “Entrance Tickets – The Mary Queen of Scots’ Visitor Centre

  1. Shame! I never did get there. Enjoy Cyprus 🙂 🙂


    • A very interesting part of the country. Cyprus is currently windy and expecting rain so rather like the UK just a lot warmer.
      Went to Nicosia yesterday, that was a big disappointment.


      • I’d like to see Kyrenia and Famagusta, out of curiosity. Funnily enough there’s a hint of a storm brewing here too, but it’s been so glorious, no-one will dare complain. 🙂 🙂 At least it didn’t spoil Carnival last week.


  2. I see I commented on your original post about how much I liked Jedburgh – but I’ve not been back since! I really should go, you’ve reminded me again how lovely it is.


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