Postcard From Mont Saint-Michel, France

Mont St Michel Postcard

From the Visitor Centre there is free bus transport to the tidal island but we choose to walk so that we could appreciate the stunning approach much as monks or pilgrims would have had over the centuries and it took us forty minutes or so to reach the entrance.  I thought there must surely be a fee, but no, it too was free and I liked this place even more.

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20 responses to “Postcard From Mont Saint-Michel, France

  1. Great photos Andrew


  2. the place is a must one time after that is too touristic for me and overprice. Been there and even my kids schools send them on a tour as well, the works!


  3. By the way that is in Brittany not Normandy lol!!


  4. how beautiful, Andrew. I really hope to visit one day


  5. All good pics, especially the door


  6. I was just talking to my husband about this place last night. I was mentioning how much I enjoyed it and he was talking about whether or not it was worth it to stay on the island overnight. I reminded him that it was my favorite part experiencing the park at night with few other visitors and watching the lights and walking around the grounds and visiting the top. I definitely recommend staying overnight!

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  7. Peggy camped out across the causeway in the early 80s. Has always been one of her favorite memories. –Curt


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