Snow in the Black Forest, Germany

When I was a boy my parents had an LP record by a man called Bert Kaempfert.  He was a German band leader who was quite popular in the 1960s.

Well, they liked it!

One particular tune that I can remember distinctly was a jaunty little melody called ‘A walk in the Black Forest’…

Black Forest Snow 02
Black Forest Snow 03
Black Forest Snow 06

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15 responses to “Snow in the Black Forest, Germany

  1. I always like snow for photography . . . less so for shoveling.

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  2. My parents had that record too! Lovely wintery photos.

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  3. I had plenty of snow in America and Europe,no thank you.

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  4. My parents had that record too! Lovely images…

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  5. I remember that tune…and it is now the current earworm!

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  6. We planned our trip home form Sacramento this week to be between snow storms on the Siskiyou Pass. 🙂 Winter storm warnings were up. –Curt

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