My Revised Travel Plans for 2020

Garden 004Scarecrows 02

25 responses to “My Revised Travel Plans for 2020

  1. That’s if it doesn’t rain! I’m no longer an optimist.

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  2. Well, that’ll be mine as well! 😳

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  3. I plan last minutes always so will see, only had one book for mid May’20 Honfleur will see. Stay safe and we will have plenty of time afterward. I am pressure cleaning the walls around the house garden today lol! Cheers


  4. Wow Andrew 😊🌹🌹

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  5. You gotta laugh, innit?


  6. Thankfully, we have nice homes and gardens to stay in.


  7. Thanks for sharing in such detail your travel plan. I am so impressed I think I will follow your lead.


  8. Blogging is going to be popular. But travel blogging … selfies from an ICU (sorry).


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