Brooke Bond Tea Cards


I was only four years old and it was my dad who collected them really and I can remember sitting at the kitchen table while he used a bottle of gloy glue to stick them into place.  Gloy glue was a curious sticking paste that worked quite well at first but after a while dried out and the things that were previously stuck together just separated.

Later I used to collect them for myself and paste them into the books (which used to cost 6d) but I never made such a good job of it as him.

Does anyone else remember collecting Brooke Bond Tea Cards?

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14 responses to “Brooke Bond Tea Cards

  1. I’ve just clicked on your post about going to secondary school and see that you’re actually 7 years younger than me. I’m amazed those cards kept going so long.


  2. I also remember the moment when a new packet of tea was opened and then it was a case of trying to find the card in that little dusty world smelling of tea dust. I began with African Animals and Tropical Birds, and I’ve tended to buy an album or two in charity shops if they are in good condition and cheaply priced.
    This website, I am sure, would interest you.


  3. I don’t think we had any around when I was a kid but anyway we lived a long way out of town and there wasn’t a lot of excess cash lying around. But I do remember some cards but I don’t for the life of me know what they were.


  4. Gloy! Haven’t heard that for many years


  5. My granddad collected these and cigarette ones. I have some of the latter framed 🙂


  6. I remember Gloy!
    My husband collected them…with all the swapping necessities to get full sets…he had his albums for years until his brother visited and after his departure the albums were found to be missing. Why would you bother after all those years!


  7. Yes, I used to collect them too. And I remember Gloy.


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