Groceries and Home Delivery Service

During the current Lock Down we have been looking daily for home delivery slots to avoid having to go out and line up in the car park.  We haven’t been very successful but after fighting in the virtual queue we have managed to get one slot for 15th April.

This reminded me of Home Delivery when I was a boy.


Mr Tucson’s mobile shop had a very distinctive earthy smell of decaying vegetables – especially potatoes I seem to recall which was especially strong in the summer when it was warm and mixed with diesel fumes.  He didn’t have a lot of stock on board, some boxes of wilting salad and vegetables, dusty boxes of cereal, some rusting tins of soup, spam, corned beef  and baked beans and a rack of 1960s teeth destroying sugary sweets.

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22 responses to “Groceries and Home Delivery Service

  1. When I was a kid I remember that my mum was buying vegetables from mobile truck! Yes, I have just managed get a delivery slot for tomorrow after over three weeks hunting. Happy days! 🙂 Take care!


  2. Good luck! Great to look back on what might be a better time…I can’t imagine the idiot brigade being as widespread back then…and people probably respected each other more too I expect.


  3. I remember the milkman coming and the baker.
    We’ve just gone to level 3.
    Premier Daniel Andrews said from midnight on Monday, Victorians faced on-the-spot fines of more than $1,600 if they breached coronavirus restrictions that limit gatherings to just two people.

    From midnight, Victorians could also face fines if they leave the house for “non-essential reasons”. That is, unless they leaving to get food and supplies, medical care, exercise or for work or education.
    All that is good. Victoria has only had TEN deaths from 5,000 cases. but I really need to ask the premier if going to get another bottle of Ballantines is considered essential.


  4. Here we can order and go pickup in person. I had home deliveries of my wines! and the supermarket has no lines; even the Queen is positive! cheers up


  5. We’ve got a mobile fish and chip van. He was 45 minutes late last week, with a queue at 6 feet intervals for a long way down the street.


  6. I remember the milkman delivering….. from the horse and cart days to the electric milk float….not the baker, but the butcher would come round twice a week and if one was out would put the order in the fridge – those were the days when you could leave your door open.


  7. I remember the breadman coming twice a day, morning and evening. Cakes were cheaper in the evening because they were stale (in the days when flour was unadulterated with additives to keep it soft and preservatives to keep it for weeks) and we kids used to queue up for the jam tarts at 2 for a 1d. Fishmonger came on Fridays (herrings 1d. each) and the coalman on Saturday, heaving heavy bags of coal and ‘slack’ out to our ‘outhouse’. We had a corner shop in those days selling everything from bootlaces to loose sugar and my father used a luggage barrow to deliver to elderly people.


  8. I gave up on trying to get a slot. Daughter Louisa managed a collect from store slot at Asda. They track your phone and on arrival at the car park pick up point someone is waiting and loads the boot without you even leaving your car!
    I now just tag on a few bits to everyone else’s shopping lists!

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  9. All I remember as a youth was milk but Peggy and I camped down in Baja California once for a month and had most of our food delivered. One truck would bring by cheese, another pastries, another water, etc. The food was always fresh.
    We donned our face masks and braved the would of shopping in the age of coronavirus today, buying enough food for two weeks.; Few people were out and about and everyone respected social distancing. The stores were well stocked with most items. –Curt


    • We have managed to get a couple of home delivery slots that will take us though to May.

      Stay safe!


      • Good news, Andrew. We are just too far out in the boonies for that to be an option here.
        I was impressed yesterday with how well the grocery stores have built in safety measures. For the most part, the shelves were well stocked and almost everyone was practicing 6-foot distancing. Take care… –Curt

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