On This Day – Semana Santa in Siguenza, Spain

While the current travel restrictions are in place I have no new stories to post so what I thought that I would do is to go through my picture archives and see where I was on this day at any time in the last few travelling years.

On 13th April 2014 I was in the Spanish town of Siguenza in Castilla-La Mancha.

We had travelled there specifically to see the Holy Week Parade, the Semana Santa which is one of the most important traditional events of the Spanish Catholic year; it is celebrated in the week leading up to Easter and features a procession of Pasos which are floats of lifelike wooden sculptures of individual scenes of the events of the Passion.

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12 responses to “On This Day – Semana Santa in Siguenza, Spain

  1. The Spanish must be feeling keenly the lack of these occasions, which they do so well – particularly feeling the lack of tourists. My daughter in Spain has been, like everyone else, under house-arrest for a month now.


  2. Love the last picture it made me smile!


  3. It is very popular of course, and so sad many now yearns for it this year and could not. Sigüenza is in the province of Guadalajara or state: part of the autonomous region of Castilla La Mancha. One of if not my best spot in my Spain. There will be next year….


  4. I live not far from Granada and have a lot of Spanish friends. It was hard for them not to be able to celebrate Holy Week and to be with their families.

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  5. I had a fancy for Braga for Easter this year, because they have an Ash Wednesday parade that’s a bit different. Good thing I didn’t persuade Mick to go 🙂 🙂


  6. I celebrated Semana Santa in Zaragoza last year and it was my first experience of it…absolutely loved it! Some might think that once you’ve seen one parade that’s it, but I went every day to watch…just amazing! I’m sure it was difficult this year to not celebrate, but hopefully that means next year will be twice as special. I’ve not been to Siguenza before, will be adding it to my to visit list 🙂


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