Same Walk, New Pictures

A lovely Spring morning today so took a walk around the village Bridle Paths and saw …

A Woodland Path

A Pointless Gate

A Yellow Tree

A Dock Leaf, No Nettles (for Derrick)

A Hoof Print

A lonely Tree

A Drainage Ditch

A Wind Turbine

A Tractor Track

A Path and a Church

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24 responses to “Same Walk, New Pictures

  1. Beautiful photos. Getting out when the weather is nice is always good for the soul.


  2. the photos are good but walking in a village? you walk in circles!


  3. And all jolly nice too. There are compensations in staying local, I’ve discovered. I’ve found so many new paths. In 20 days, I haven’t repeated the same walk once – though of course that doesn’t mean that every path within that walk is new. This will be an abiding benefit for me of Lock Down.

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  4. Seems like if you just look, there is always something different. Nicely done, Andrew.


  5. Lovely spring skies!


  6. Love the farm gate without a fence!
    The first photo is so pretty, looks like a great place to take a walk. 🙂


  7. Quite a catalogue of “I-spy”, then, Andrew!


  8. Love it, Andrew. It’s easy to forget how much beauty we have at home. –Curt


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