On This Day – Trujillo in Extremadura

While the current travel restrictions are in place I have no new stories to post so what I thought that I would do is to go through my picture archives and see where I was on this day at any time in the last few travelling years.

On 5th May 2011 we were in the Spanish town of Trujillo which I am happy to declare one of my favourites in all of Spain.

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12 responses to “On This Day – Trujillo in Extremadura

  1. nice town nice pictures of outback Spain; they still fighting to get better train service there lol!


  2. Hmm, I can see why you like this place!


  3. It’s a grand-looking place. I’ll not be going to Spain any time soon, Andrew. 🙂


    • Me neither Jo. Such a shame. My sister is stuck there and can’t get home. I don’t think I could cope with the new airport experience or the on board flight arrangements.
      We had a cruise booked to Iceland and the Northern Isles but we have postponed that for ten months. Fingers crossed!
      Hope you are both ok.


      • The airport experience has never been a joyful part of our travels, Andrew, and it’s set to get much less pleasant in the near future. How many people that will deter, we shall see. It’s when making the move abroad hits hard. We’re happy enough to do most of our travel within Portuguese borders , but I’m desperate to see the youngsters. They hope to fly out at the end of July for a week but who knows how/if that’ll happen. 😦


      • I feel you pain. I miss seeing the children and they are only 100 miles away.
        I am not sure travel is going to be very easy. Even travel insurance is getting expensive and difficult and thanks to Barmy Brexit the European Health Card won’t work next year.

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  4. I looked at your photos of the spurs, Andrew, and all I could think was, “Dams, I’m glad I wasn’t Pizzaro’s horse!” 🙂 –Curt


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