Postcard From The USA – Great Salt Lake and Bingham Copper Mine

Great Salt Lake

Today there was a choice to be made, we could either enjoy a free day sightseeing and shopping in Salt Lake City or we could go on an optional visit to the Great Salt Lake itself.  Not being terribly keen on shopping (I may have mentioned this before) and being so close to the Lake it seemed a shame not to take this opportunity.

Bingham Mine 001

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6 responses to “Postcard From The USA – Great Salt Lake and Bingham Copper Mine

  1. how cool and love the pic the top


  2. I’ve been through Salt Lake City a number of times, Andrew, and I’ve been there twice for more extended visits: Once when I set up the trekking program for the Utah Lung Association, and another time when I was doing genealogical research at a national conference hosted by the Mormons. That trip involved a special program at the Mormon temple where David McCullough talked to us about historical research he was doing and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir put on a concert for us.
    That pit is something else. I’ve seen a few but none like that. Wow. –Curt


    • If you were compiling a list would Salt Lake City get into your top ten?


      • It comes with an incredible backdrop and an interesting history. The temple is a modern day equivalent of some of the European cathedrals. The city is clean. And the streets seem relatively safe. Top ten? No. I find Mormonism a strange religion and Salt Lake reflects the religion. It is lacking in diversity and color and beer. Give me a New York City, or a Boston, or a New Orleans, or a San Francisco, or a Portland, etc. And that’s just in the US. –Curt


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