On This Day – Benidorm on The Costa Blanca

While the current travel restrictions are in place I have no new stories to post so what I thought that I would do is to go through my picture archives and see where I was on this day at any time in the last few travelling years.

On 18th May 2008 I was on a golfing holiday with my brother and our sons we all agreed that being only sixty miles away was an excellent opportunity to visit the notorious city of Benidorm and see it for ourselves.


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Some Benidorm pictures from various visits.

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19 responses to “On This Day – Benidorm on The Costa Blanca

  1. I enjoyed reading your Benidorm stories. My one and only visit was with my parents in 1970. I recall we stayed in this large hotel, a little apart from the main strip, which had a Dolphin on its side. I spent the holiday doing a lot of lazing around the pool, feeling very grown up in my pink-fringed bikini.


  2. Very popular with the Brits ::)


  3. The pictures took me on a lovely nostalgic trip and the one of the fisherman nearly brought a lump to my throat as its immediacy brought memories of always brilliant holidays in the sixties when travelling was about holidays in the sun. Now, everyone seems to take it so seriously, as though lazy holidays are not to be enjoyed. Loved the flares, by the way!


  4. Benidorm will be a different place this summer without the tourists. Nice for the locals but not so good for the businesses.


  5. Me neither, but there seems to be an urge with holiday-makers these days to cross off towns, cities, museums, galleries etc., ‘things one has to see’, that the fun of discovering a holiday seems to have vanished. I listen to arguments between couples worn out with sightseeing, kids in tow moaning ‘when are we going to sit down’ and I wonder where the fun went. Holidays can still be lazy and meandering with time for both relaxation and culture trips. I’m thinking of a couple of met two years back who’d done Cordoba, Seville and Granada in a day! Fun? Holiday?


  6. I love the pictures of you standing by the same pillars but a few (?!) years apart. Fabulous flares but I think your attire in the later photo is a tad more suitable!


  7. The contrast with the earlier photos is always fun, Andrew, Bell bottomed pants. Woohoo! Blue flag beaches are not a concept here, as far as I know. What does it take to qualify and who makes the decision? –Curt


  8. I like that painting . . .


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