On This Day – Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire

While the current travel restrictions are in place I have no new stories to post so what I thought that I would do is to go through my picture archives and see where I was on this day at any time in the last few travelling years.

On 1st June 2018 I was with my grandchildren looking for Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest…


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21 responses to “On This Day – Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire

  1. You were my neck of the woods then, that day, as I am from Nottinghamshire. I still live in Nottinghamshire.
    For me to visit, I have to use one bus to travel there, with me living in Mansfield.
    My friend though, lives local in that area.


  2. Yup, been there, done that. But as a former resident of Sheffield I have to tell you that their stamping ground was actually Loxley, near Sheffield. Residents of Wakefield, Huddersfield and goodness knows where else make similar claims! So look hard enough and you may find he actually hailed from Grimsby 😉

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  3. Love the Disney film. Happy, innocent days 🙂 🙂


  4. Never been to the woods but love the Robin Hood story, down to my boys!


  5. i love that you went and did that with your grandies. such an adventure


  6. One of the first books I ever read, Andrew. I fell in love with Robin Hood as a child. Whenever I come to a pretty oak forest my mind turns to him. And, as you might imagine, I spotted and enjoyed the tree creatures. A lot like our oaks. In fact, I think Robin would enjoy it here. Thanks for so many fond memories. –Curt


  7. I’m pretty sure the fox will always be my favourite version of Robin Hood. But I do get a kick out of the troop of dancers in the movie Shrek, led by an arrogant, clueless, Robin Hood with a French accent. https://youtu.be/cOOG3bRujoM


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