Postcard From The USA – Mesa Verde National Park


Mesa Verde National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that features numerous ruins of homes and villages built by the ancient Pueblo people. It is best known for several spectacular cliff dwellings which are structures built within caves and under outcroppings in cliffs, including the Cliff Palace, which is thought to be the largest cliff dwelling in North America.

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8 responses to “Postcard From The USA – Mesa Verde National Park

  1. in this case mesa is not a table but a mountain top , even Cambridge has it / “a mountain with a large, flat top and steep sides, of the type found in the western and southwestern United States” should be a green mountain. now a reservation. cheers


  2. That was a scary evening!


  3. Excellent overview, Andrew. I’ve been to Mesa Verde a couple of times but Peggy and I were really disappointed last fall when a surprise snowstorm discouraged out trip in— and we were right at the road! –Curt


  4. Nice timing! Up until recently, I didn’t really know anything about Mesa Verde, but it has come up multiple times in my University archaeology class this term. I’m now fascinated by it from an archaeological student perspective. Off to read the full version…

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