On This Day – The Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland

While the current travel restrictions are in place I have no new stories to post so what I thought that I would do is to go through my picture archives and see where I was on this day at any time in the last few travelling years.

On 10th June 2015 I was in Ballymoney in Northern Ireland visiting a filming location for the TV film Game of Thrones…

The Dark Hedges Northern Ireland

The dark hedges is an avenue of beech trees that were planted in the 1750s in the grounds of Gracehill House a Georgian mansion built by the Stuart family, descendants of a cousin of King James who had been granted the land but who had died in a shipwreck. They wanted to create a compelling landscape to impress visitors who approached the entrance to the mansion.  The Manor House is still there but a private residence and the Stuart legacy is this fascinating avenue of spooky interlinking tree boughs.

I say spooky because of course, such an ancient stretch of road is bound to have horror stories linked to it and visitors are warned to watch out for the ‘Grey Lady’. Local legend has it that she haunts the thin ribbon of road that winds beneath the ancient gnarled beech trees. She is said to glide silently along the roadside, and vanish as she reaches the last tree.  I couldn’t help thinking that I wished some of the tourists might disappear so that I might get a decent picture, but I suppose this stubborn couple do help provide a sense of perspective.

Dark Hedges 03

It was a fascinating place and maybe we were lucky to see it because Beech trees reach maturity at no more than two hundred years and those making up the Dark Hedges are well past that.  The Dark Hedges came under threat a few years ago when highway authorities proposed to fell many trees for safety reasons but the avenue was taken over by the Dark Hedges Preservation Trust – and is now the subject of a Heritage Lottery Fund project to protect the popular landmark but I suspect that there is only so long that they can remain on an environmental life support machine.

We might have stayed longer but to perfectly coincide with our visit a neighbouring farmer decided that this was the perfect agricultural moment to apply an evil silage cocktail to the land and the smell was truly awful and penetrated the interior of the car even through the closed windows.  I was concerned that we could get charged for this later under the car rental small print conditions of contract.

Game of Thrones Dark Hedges


21 responses to “On This Day – The Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland

  1. I’ve rarely seen such characterful trees in such abundance. They look worth a visit – extraordinary.


  2. the second picture reminds me of the Loop in Ormond Beach Florida!! An inspiration for a post maybe! Cheers

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  3. Those two people do give a perspective which makes the picture.


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  5. Fascinating trees and history. Did you duck the fee for the smelly rental car?


  6. I visited the trees while in Northern Ireland a few years back, and it was stunning to stand in the middle of them and look down the row


  7. An impressive stretch of road (I’ve seen them pictured in one other blog).

    Add me to the no GoT crowd, although I did watch a few highlights on YouTube.

    And, yes, I also try to avoid people in photos . . . and then it gets suggested I should have included something for perspective.

    Without the people, those trees almost look like a miniature set of sorts. Or, maybe not.


  8. What interesting trees! I haven’t seen GoT either.


  9. I hate it when someone pulls down things of beauty. I just told Derrick that the new owner of my old house has just razed the Gnome tree that used to grace the from gate and it was where Fred the Gnome and family used to live.


  10. It’s a cool place, we might take a trip there soon! Hopefully it will be a bit quieter at the moment 😊


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