TV Westerns

My series of posts about visiting the American West has reminded me of my post about TV Westerns .

I thought I might recycle it here…

Click on an image to scroll through the Gallery…

How many of these cowboys do you remember?

I always wanted to be Flint McCullough from Wagon Train.  He was played by actor Robert Horton.  Later he was replaced by Robert Fuller as Cooper Smith who also played the Part of Vin in the film  ‘Return of The Magnificent Seven’

24 responses to “TV Westerns

  1. I thought you’d lost me there. A girl with no brothers (and no TV either, so that was definitely a deal-breaker) wasn’t likely to see or want to see Westerns. I seem to have missed out on some highly implausible but entertaining evenings.


  2. Ah the cascade of memories!

    Can’t beat a western.

    Regards Thom


  3. I grew up with them but now goner!


  4. I remember most, and who could forget Toothy Thompson?


  5. Would someone tell the Lone Ranger that his mask won’t do much to protect him from coronavirus (nor from being recognised). That last cowboy looks the toughest – as if he’s been eating lots of Milky Bars.


  6. I think the only one I recognise is James Drury the Virginian.


  7. My favorite way back when was Alias Smith & Jones.


  8. The golden age of westerns!


  9. A perfect trip down memory lane.


  10. I remember them all. I loved western films, I had brothers and spent much of my childhood playing cowboy and Indians!


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