On This Day – The Greek Island of Symi

Even though travel restrictions are easing I am not yet minded to risk it so I still have no new stories to post so I continue to go through my picture archives and see where I was on this day at any time in the last few travelling years.

On 30 July 2010 I was on the Greek Island of Symi close to Rhodes…


On arrival in Symi there was no one to meet us, no notes pinned to the door of the room or instructions giving any sort of advice at all on what to do and the phone was not being answered.

It was eleven o’clock and extremely hot and all we could do was sit on the sun terrace, sweat and wait.  Luckily I had a couple of tins of Mythos in the bag so I had to drink them quickly before they heated up in the midday sun and after an hour or so and I had almost recovered from the ordeal of the climb I went all the way back down the steps to get some more and to buy some food for lunch.

Getting back up the steps returned me to my previous state of sweat streaked exhaustion and what I really needed was a cool blast of air conditioning but still the phone remained unanswered and still no one came.

A French guest came and went and told us that usually someone came by at about two o’clock so this meant that we would have an hour or so to wait so we made some lunch and drank some more Mythos and competed with each other for the shade of the wooden  pergola.

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11 responses to “On This Day – The Greek Island of Symi

  1. Great story and photos – apart from those midges.


  2. I would be like Kim, everything loves to make a meal out of me.


  3. Fabulous doors and windows, Andrew. 🙂 🙂 From what I’ve experienced so far now isn’t a bad time to travel, precisely because many people are understandably cautious. The airports are deserted and much care is being taken with disinfecting, etc. People are mindful, but I suspect as time passes by they will become less so.


    • Thanks Jo. I am happy to stay at home right now. Travel is too risky if taken against Government advice. No travel insurance and danger of flight cancellations etc. Don’t fancy flying in a face mask.


      • I think you’re right but don’t have huge faith in the government giving the advice, Andrew. Our youngsters were just desperate to get out of Leeds and away from the madness for a week. It’s a different story if you have a house and garden in a village. They managed to get travel insurance. You always hope never to have to claim anyway, but we’ll see. Keep your fingers crossed for them. 🙂 🙂


      • I will. Hope you have a great time!


      • Thanks hon 🤗💕 Great so far!


  4. Not much of a welcome. Your usual excellent gallery


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