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When I was a boy in the 1960s television sets were rather basic and only received two channels BBC and ITV and the signal was received via a large ‘H’ shaped metal aerial, usually bolted on to the chimney. Just turning them on was quite a long process because instead of today’s micro chips, televisions had an antiquated system of valves, wires and resisters and these took some time to ‘warm up’.

In the picture my sister Lindsay can’t understand why the 1959 X-BOX won’t connect.

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12 responses to “Memory Posts – Television

  1. Can you believe we never had a TV when I was.a child? The first time I lived in a house with one was quite a while after I got married – so about 1975 probably.


  2. I remember in grandparents home there was an RCA Victor box tv! And they gave my parents one for me ::)


  3. It’s fascinating to look carefully at everything else in the room in indoor pictures like that. Everything will have personal meaning.


  4. I remember it (too) well.


  5. We didn’t have a tv till quite late, then my mother was very strict about bedtimes so I STILL didn’t get to see the programmes my friends were talking about the next day. I think I was about the last in my class to experience BBC2 and colour too. Such a deprived childhood! Nowadays I can barely be bothered switching it on.

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  6. That’s probably because you didn’t become addicted to the new wonderful world of tv early on. My husband and I didn’t have one until 1965 when we got a second-hand one “just for the cup final” but then we bought a ‘proper’ one shortly afterwards. We continued to listen to the BBC radio plays which we loved and we never became big fans. Besides, we took off travelling whenever we could so never got the habit I suppose. That doesn’t mean to say I would want to be without it. I find so much to entertain me these days on the small screen but it is the big screen I really love.


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