The Lead Soldier Collection

My pal John Corden asked if I could post a picture of the entire collection.

I am happy to oblige…

soldiers 03

soldiers 04

Not great pictures I am afraid due to the poor light in the shed where they are on display.

Has anyone else got a completely pointless collection?

32 responses to “The Lead Soldier Collection

  1. I think “pointless” is too strong a word.

    For one thing, you have about 400 photo opportunities . . .

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  2. Wow, that’s some collection. Stamps take up less room.


  3. I suspect that that many lead soldiers are extremely valuable, and I would urge you to bring them inside for security reasons. It looks a wonderful collection, but you’ll do well to beat mine.
    Ten years ago in St Ives I bought what I was told was the 8th most important collection of sugar cube wrappers in the world. I have to keep it in a laser protected cabinet in a secret bank vault.


  4. That is some collection. Jackie has owls in the garden running to more than three figures.


  5. I collect parking tickets (i.e. ones I’ve paid for from parking machines) and keep them in the door pocket of my car. After 10 years they make an interesting and nostalgic read.

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    • Last week I bought a parking ticket in Staithes. £6. I put it on the dashboard and the wind blew it down a crack under the windscreen. I had to buy another one.

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      • Very nearly had exactly the same problem in the same car park if it was the one at the top. It blew down next to the glass. Managed to retrieve it with a comb and then stuck it to the windscreen with micropore tape. Am going to keep sticky tape in the car in future.


      • Good plan. It was that car park at the top of the steep hill. We were in a cottage at the bottom close to the bridge over the river so it was a long daily climb.


  6. Very nice, Andrew. I’d love to peruse them with you in person!


  7. We inherited my father-in-law’s rare stamp collection and rare coins. My late husband kept them in a floor-standing safe that was well hidden under a pile of deliberately placed junk under the stairs.

    I kept my jewellery collection hidden inside a bag of hair rollers. The night before we went on holiday my husband encouraged me to put my jewellery in the safe.

    We came back from holiday to find we had been burgled and the safe was gone. My bag of rollers minus the usual hidden jewellery remained untouched!

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  8. Definitely not pointless Andrew. I would have loved to have had borrowing rights when I was teaching junior History classes.


  9. PS. Thanks, I was looking for an excuse to write a post.

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  10. I absolutely love seeing your collection. I collect dragons. They are pointless, I suppose, in that I like them better than anyone else does, their only function is to be looked at, and they take up a lot of space. But I did use them in an online archaeology class project this spring where we had to find a collection of something in our homes and then practice typology.


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