My Lead Soldier Collection – English Standard Bearer at Agincourt

Agincourt Knight

I visited the Agincourt site in August 2013 and after a short drive from our hotel we arrived at the site of the battle that doesn’t seem anything special now after all this time and if we hadn’t been paying attention we may well have missed what is now a rather unremarkable field in northern France.

The signage isn’t very special either…

Agincourt Field

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10 responses to “My Lead Soldier Collection – English Standard Bearer at Agincourt

  1. Again well worth a spot of revision for my next history exam 🙂


  2. You make a good point about the site being where Henry V became a rock star, and isn’t necessarily a battle that the French would get excited about. Otherwise, I too agree that today’s field is rather unremarkable.


  3. If Shakespeare hadn’t written Henry V I doubt if Agincourt would even be remembered. It’s the speech that made the history relevant. And if Olivier hadn’t delivered it so well (at that time) would we even remember it?


  4. Ah . . . a Juventus fan. So was I, way back in the 1960s.


  5. Agreed, if we are considering the battles, but while we have remembered the others with glorious monuments and buildings, nothing like this has been deemed necessary for Agincourt.

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