My Lead Soldier Collection – El Cid

El Cid

The seven hundred year period between 722 and 1492 has long been known to historians of Spain as the ‘Reconquista’ and the Spanish have organised their medieval history around the drama of this glorious event which over time has become a cherished feature of the self-image of the Spanish people.

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6 responses to “My Lead Soldier Collection – El Cid

  1. I especially like the way you weave your histories into your lead soldier collection


  2. El Cid was only one indeed shown as a symbol but he only liberated Valencia! And sometimes sided with the moors! Cheers

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  3. oh sorry I read the text another fact of my history needs correction. “In 1478 the Moors were driven from the Canary Islands” by whom? The canary islands name was given by Spain after the conquest of the islands in 1496 as wild dogs in the bible means Canaan or canary, but the islands are with original inhabitants Guanches of Tenerife my island of my grandparents, the king or Mencey Bencomo finally lost to superior Castilian and other Spaniards in 1496 at the battle of Güimar in Tenerife. And added to the Spanish kingdom. The Guanches have no confirm agree root line many theories from where they came from. See my post


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