On This Day – Truck Stop in Turkey

The visits to the Ancient sites of Turkey complete on 28th September 2014 we were making our painful return journey…

Hagi wasn’t in the AA roadside breakdown service or whatever the equivalent is in Turkey so there now followed a long winded debate as each of the passengers looked inside the engine compartment in turn as though they knew what they were talking about and offered alternative diagnoses and possible solutions.

There was a lot of head scratching, nodding and general agreement but the truth was however that there was no more engine technical knowledge between them than you could expect to find in an average reception class at a primary school and one by one the suggestions all inevitably failed.

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5 responses to “On This Day – Truck Stop in Turkey

  1. Well, a great story, but one I wouldn’t want to have to tell!


  2. Definitely a misadventure! There must be a “how many tourists does it take to fix an engine” joke for that picture but I’m not witty enough to think of it.


  3. Great, I am feeling good to read this.


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