On This Day – Boat Ride to Bodrum

On 30th September 2014 I took an ill advised boat trip in Turkey.

After the debacle of the IMX excursion to Ephesus and Pamukkale and the road side break down we seriously considered cancelling our next IMX  trip to Bodrum because this was by boat and whilst breaking down in a car is bad enough, in a boat it could be catastrophic.

Read the full story Here…

7 responses to “On This Day – Boat Ride to Bodrum

  1. It’s good that you’re still here, blogging. Have you managed to make Classic Editor behave for you?


    • WP made some changes a couple of weeks ago which did restore the Classic editor and most of its features.
      I should learn that this is how WP manage updates. Launch them untested and wait for users to complain and point out the bugs!

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  2. So, not as bad as you feared


  3. Now a boat ride is always nice…


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