On This Day – Marrakech at Night

Sometime between the end of the afternoon and the early evening the square had been transformed from a market place to an open air theatre with swarms of people and this is something that occurs every single day of the year. The snake charmers and the monkey men had packed up and gone home and had been replaced by a carnival of musicians, storytellers, transvestite dancers and other entertainers.

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8 responses to “On This Day – Marrakech at Night

  1. Another great post! Have you had another look at Blocks? Reluctantly, because like you I was a Block Refuser, I have. And do you know what? It’s OK – really! Not that my posts look any different …


  2. That brings back memories of our own trip to the square at night. What a transformation! Shame that photographs cant convey the wonderful smell of food and spice.


  3. another exotic visit nice story cheers


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