Memory Posts – Swimming Lessons

In my previous post I recalled my visit to Budapest in 2014 and specifically the Hotel Gellért swimming pool and spa. This reminded me of a post that I wrote in 2013 about swimming pools and lessons when I was a young boy.

The Regent Street Baths were a functional brick built building that had been built in the early 1930s and opened in 1932. Public baths in the 1930s were built for sanitation and public health and hygiene so they weren’t the sort of place that you would go to enjoy yourself as you would today.

There was always a sign up which made some preposterously exaggerated claim about the temperature of the water but I swear it was hardly ever a degree or two above freezing.

Just like taking a dip in the North Sea about 1958 or so…

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13 responses to “Memory Posts – Swimming Lessons

  1. The full post is all too familiar Andrew. Takes me back 60 years to swimming lessons in an outdoor pool which we had to walk to from school. I can’t say I enjoyed it much!

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  2. I didn’t do school swimming lessons till I went to Grammar School (although I could swim by then). In those days, school lessons were 35 minutes long. Ten minutes before the end of Lesson One we were let out to make the 10 minute walk to the baths. Change in a mad scramble, enter water for maybe 10 minutes before doing the whole thing in reverse, and being horribly late for Lesson Three – History and my favourite – much to the disgust of our teacher, whom I loved for making history come alive to us. No wonder I never really took to swimming.

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  3. Now then Andrew, normally your nostalgia posts make me smile: this one made me cringe with horrible memories of detestable swimming lessons followed by trying to pull school uniform over my still wet body. Ugh! (By the way, didn’t know you were from Rugby – Michaela and I got married there)


  4. Your description of Mrs Dick could just as easily be the short-haired swimming teacher we had. She had two big dogs and you’d see her out with them straining at the lead, she with her strong muscular breasts and shoulders holding them back.

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