Memory Posts – The Boy Scouts

Memories are flooding back now. I started with swimming lessons and moved on to certificates and now I am reminded of being in the Boy Scouts…

I joined the Wolf Cubs when I was seven years old and after I had passed all the tests, had a sleeve full of badges and received my Leaping Wolf Certificate moved up to the Scouts on 25th May 1965 when I was eleven. At first I was in the Paddox Troop but later transferred to the Hillmorton, which was good for me because dad was the Scoutmaster, which gave me a bit of an advantage when it came to passing tests and getting more badges.

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6 responses to “Memory Posts – The Boy Scouts

  1. What gets me is that you still have your membership card.

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  2. I was a Brownie – Fairy Patrol! I didn’t make it to the Guides, lost interest by then.


  3. I used to love being in Scouting organisation, was in it for 7 years and left unfortunately as my hockey training was on the same day as the scouts and hockey is (and still is) my one true love. Made some amazing friends and had some quality experiences, only two things I hated were the fact Christianity was enforced on us by having to say the Lord’s Prayer at the end of every meeting and hill walking, fucking hate hillwalking hahaha!


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