Postcard From France – The Canal du Midi

The idea of creating a waterway as a shortcut between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea had captured the imagination of successive French Kings and governments since Roman times. The regional route overland was slow, uncomfortable and haunted by bandits; the two thousand mile passage by sea took at least a month and was also dangerous as ships negotiating the Spanish coast dodged storms and Barbary pirates to pass through the Strait of Gibraltar.

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10 responses to “Postcard From France – The Canal du Midi

  1. Lovely family favorite

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  2. Thanks for an interesting read. I’m hoping travel will be possible next year as I’m planing on cycling the canal du midi

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  3. Ah, the canal du Midi

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  4. Lovely post! I used to bike along this canal every year visiting. Over the years I have seen whole stretches of trees die and disappear, you are indeed lucky to have seen them. Wonderful photographs, thanks for this most, it made me a bit nostalgic! Marcella


  5. I’ve barged along this canal a few times, sadly the last time was when most of the trees had disappeared. There’s still a magic about the air though especially as one approached the Camargue.


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