Postcards From Italy

No travel now for nine months so taking a look back at good times in Italy…

18 responses to “Postcards From Italy

  1. Nine months !! And all we’ve got is the fastest covid in the world.

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  2. Patience is a virtue and it seems will take longer ….stay safe.


  3. I do like your postcard collection. Postcards are an endangered species now, aren’t they?


  4. Would he also like my collection of art postcards from Museums?

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  5. So sad to hear about Britain’s latest Covid, Andrew. It’s scary. Take care. –Curt


  6. Love your postcards! How do you make them? And you are a very well travelled man I have to say. I love Italy and yet have hardly been there. And won’t have the chance it seems for a long time to come.


  7. I appreciate the mention, but that should be “Emilia” Romagna . . .


  8. A good reminder that you should always travel when you can and not take the future for granted…it’s clear you’ve done that well over the years.


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