Clickety-Click 2020 – The Top 5

Examining my statistics for 2020 I have looked at number of clicks and thought that I might share with you the pictures in my posts that have received the most views over the past twelve months. Yesterday I revealed 10 down to 6 and today I share the Top 5…

No. 5 – Map of World Showcase at Disneyworld, Florida – 50 clicks

It surprised me just how often map postcards have cropped up in my click statistics. This is from a post from December 2012 called Around the World in Eighty minutes about my visit to World Showcase in 1990.

No. 4 – Map of Malta – 69 clicks

Another map, this time from my post Malta – Sightseeing, a Church, a Cartoon and a Capital City which was posted in February 2013.

No. 3 – Spaghetti Harvest – 97 clicks

From a post of April 1st 2019 about the BBC Spaghetti Tree Hoax, a spoof television documentary about spaghetti crops in Switzerland.

No. 2 – Postcard Map of Northern Ireland – 119 clicks

And yet another map, this time from a post of June 2015 about preparation for a visit to Northern Ireland.

No 1 – Casa Batlló, Barcelona – 190 clicks

The second picture of Casa Batlló in Top Ten clicks but not one of my own pictures of course. I seem to remember that I scanned this picture from the travel section of The Sunday Telegraph newspaper. I used in a post about Antoni Gaudi in March 2013.

It baffles me why this picture tops the click parade, in 2020 it accounted for 12.25% of all picture clicks and in total since I posted it has 1,550 clicks which is 3.2% of the total of 48,500.

One final interesting statistic is that when I did a Google search on this image it has been lifted and used almost 150 times on other websights.

35 responses to “Clickety-Click 2020 – The Top 5

  1. weird to see maps lol!


  2. Can’t resist a Gaudi, Andrew 🙂 🙂


  3. At the time of the spaghetti tree hoax, my mother taught at a London grammar school. The geography teacher – the GEOGRAPHY teacher – was totally taken in!


  4. thanks for these, I need to start adding maps! I love the spoof doc –


  5. I remember most of these and particularly the spaghetti tree. And the map of Ireland.
    Have a fantastic 2021. Hope you get your vaccine soon.


  6. Fascinating. Anything to do with wanting enlargement?


  7. Can help me with something, Andrew. How does one stand on copyright, uplifting photos and quoting text without permission? I’ve always been too scared to do this as I was once fined for quoting 4 lines of poetry in a print article without permission. Is online somehow different, or have things changed?
    Enjoying your postcard posts. How wonderful that you kept these souvenirs.


    • A lot of bloggers expressly state that there work is copyright and forbid people to use it and this has legal status. I don’t because I don’t really mind if people want to use my stuff, in fact I am rather flattered although it is nice to be credited with the work.

      Copyright expires 70 years after the death of the author/artist and becomes public which means that it can be freely used without challenge. Shakespeare for example. I often quote Bill Bryson which is subject to copyright but I am sure he wouldn’t mind so long as I don’t claim it as my own work.

      It is a tricky matter but in general I would say if something says that it is copyright then don’t use it without asking.

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  8. Thanks for that but I was particularly thinking about your comment in the post “I seem to remember that I scanned this picture from the travel section of The Sunday Telegraph newspaper.” Surely The Times would have has copyright on this?
    Years ago I was commissioned by a newspaper to do some pieces and they provided me with the cassettes (which we used then). I was advised by the NUJ to return these as accepting cassettes from them gave them all rights to the photographs! I did, and managed to charge them a fee for the use of the photos, plus retaining the copyright.


  9. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. I’m too feeble in my dealings with the media, I should have more of your challenging attitude. Thought for the day: I could make that a 2021 resolution.


  10. The Casa Batlló and harvesting the spaghetti were favorites of mine, Andrew. Looking forward to continuing to travel with you where ever you go in 2021. Hopefully the vaccination will set us free to travel again. If not, I am more than happy to help you remember your past travels. 🙂 –Curt

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  11. And No. 2 must surely be the San Serriffe supplement put out by The Guardian on April 1st, long before the newspapers followed suit and started trying to fool the public. It was a full supplement with advertisements, sports reports, horoscopes etc. just like a normal newspaper, and quite a lot of people inundated the travel agents to book a holiday to this wondrous island.


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