Travel Plans For 2021

40 responses to “Travel Plans For 2021

  1. Looks enticing . . .

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  2. I know the feeling. I tell myself it’s still better than a one way ticket to the crematorium!

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  3. Go for it Andrew! That way, there’ll be no last minute disappointments.


  4. Best of luck seems Mr Brexit is climping down further. Cheers

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  5. I’m sure we’ll bump into each other somewhere in the UK this year but won’t know it. So many of us are having to plan home vacations now that if we wore WP Bloggers badges we’d be sure to be shouting out in excitement or running away like hell when we recognised them. Whatever you do, have a good one.

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  6. Laughing, Andrew. In other words— around home. 🙂 Maybe things will improve and then ‘look out world,’ Andrew has been turned loose! –Curt

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  7. You can ride outside, you’ll be fine.

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  8. You’re becoming a fine gardener, Andrew 🙂 🙂


  9. Your tote drew me in – what does Andrew know that I don’t? Fooled again. (NB I couldn’t similarly impress with shots of our garden).


  10. They look awfully like relatives of Bill and Ben in picture 2.


  11. Oh man, this is clever and funny, yet sad and snarky too. I keep telling myself that local travel is ok, and so far we are allowed to travel within our state without any disapproving frowns. Maybe I’m being unsafe though. I feel lucky that so much of where I live is open and rural, and I find it easy to stay away from humans. But yes… all that is Pollyanna talk to cheer myself up because my travel options have become so limited, and my choices are only among things that keep me away from people rather than with them. The pain of being separated from your grandbabies just continues. I wish for all of you to have access to vaccines soon, so you can safely spent some time together.


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