On This Day – The Anonymous Pedestrians

On 8th January 2014 I was spending a second day in the Polish city of Wroclaw. The first day was spent sightseeing and dwarf hunting and today I was determined to find another piece of street art.

I was looking for a sculpture called ‘The Anonymous Pedestrians’…

There is an interesting piece of trivia about this picture. It is mine, I know that because I edited it to take out street clutter. A Google image search reveals that it has been used almost two thousand, five hundred times in other people’s websites and blogs. One or two have had the courtesy to give me a photo credit but only a handful. It has appeared in Pintrest galleries and several times on Instagram. I am not complaining, just saying.

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21 responses to “On This Day – The Anonymous Pedestrians

  1. You could hire a squad of lawyers and go after everyone . . . cal it The Quest!

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  2. That’s a great accolade. How did you find that out about others using it? I must get to Wroclaw one day. Brilliant sculpture. I like the sculpture hunts. Have done similar in Bratislava, Ljubljana & Timisoara but I think Wroclaw is more impressive. I always enjoy the UK Wallace & Gromit trails too!

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  3. We have DMCA and got 21 times my pictures back from unauthorized use. The US law is all over the world. Pinterest is the biggest thief!! https://www.dmca.com/

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  4. I discovered the other day that one of my blog posts about guitar lessons I had with a once well-known swing-era guitarist, Eric Kershaw, has been ripped off – the full verbatim well-researched 1500 words with original images and all – by a music blogger making it appear as their own work and as if they had known him personally. Needless to say, my comment of “thanks” has been deleted.

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  5. That looks a terrific memorial, Andrew, very evocative and an inspired way to commemorate a seismic political event. I suddenly want to go to Wroclaw.


  6. The sculpture is impressive and your photography captures it well. No wonder people use it.

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  7. Lovely sculptures well photographed. I’ve never used Google pictures but I do hve recourse to Pixabay at times but I always make sure to give a credit. I’ve been asked occasionally for use of mine and I’ve always given permission and I don’t even mind when they are used without permission, but I do get cross when they are used to illustrate an article or a point I am not in agreement with. That apart, I’m quite flattered really.

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  8. A stunning memorial, I agree. I read through the comments on the original list and was amused by the range of subject matter covered! Things seem less lively these days.


  9. fantastic sculptures – are you managing to travel?


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