More From Budapest

28 responses to “More From Budapest

  1. One of Europe’s nicest bridges.


  2. Another town by a river buda and pest are on my list! cheers


  3. Is that the World Vodka Drinking Championships (first photograph)?


  4. I first visited Budapest in 1972 and while it was a dismal, grey place you could see it had great bones. I subsequently visited in 1980s and 1990s on business and thereafter for pleasure. It’s a delightful place, on a par with Prague, but IMHO still below Paris.


  5. A fine set. I guess you even took the last one 🙂


  6. Those boots are intriguing!


  7. Is the man in the first photo making music with those glasses? It looks to me as though he has arranged them as a glass armonica.


  8. Missed Stalin’s boots! Thought we had seen everything (we were there for a week).


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