On This Day – The Blue Boats and Doors of Essaouira

In 2016 our post Christmas travel was to Morocco. On 25th January we were in the port of Essaouira on the Atlantic Coast…

It was once the most important ports in West Africa where there was a monopoly in trade with Europe for spices, precious metals, sugar and molasses and in the slave trade to the Americas. Later it was overtaken in importance by Casablanca and Agadir but today it remains a lively, thriving fishing port and the local centre of the boat building industry.

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11 responses to “On This Day – The Blue Boats and Doors of Essaouira

  1. Love that second shot! Happy Sunday, Andrew! Off out for a brisk stroll? 🙂 🙂

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  2. those blue robes the men are wearing look similar to the ones worn by the Tuareg men in Timbuktu, except theirs are a deep royal blue

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  3. Not good to have fish guts on your pant’s cuffs, Andrew. And if the guts are like dead fish, the longer it stays on, the more it stinks. Not good as a perfume but loved by dogs the world over. –Curt

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  4. Hello, thanks for sharing the information…I felt very happy to share the informative article.

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  5. Wow, interesting place, we haven’t been to Morocco, but it’s no doubt on the list! Blue doors always catch my eye! We have quite a few on our post. Here is our collection:

    Thursday Doors: From the Islands to the Highlands of the World


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