Essaouira – Men at Work

18 responses to “Essaouira – Men at Work

  1. I love the first picture especially. Tells of a way of life that has probably changed little in centuries. I remember your impromptu boatyard tour story from there! I regret not going there when we visited Morocco but just too much to pack in.


  2. They look about a century or more behind us. I can’t biggify any of the pictures, but in the second one is he “The Headless Plasterer ?”


    • I know a lot of people have spent 20 years or so mocking health and safety regulations but this is what happens without them (an extreme example I agree) The man was lowered from the roof of the building on a flimsy scaffolding board suspended by ropes. In case it gave way he had a rope tied around his waist to stop him falling.


  3. Great shots. I love these.


  4. Lots of atmosphere and activity!


  5. I agree with John, the atmosphere jumps out at us.


  6. I especially liked the first photograph. What a mess! The sort of place that’s made for photographers and you took good advantage of it – as you would.

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  7. Pulling that boat up definitely resembles work, Andrew! And I liked the poor, weighted down mule. It’s amazing of how much they can carry. –Curt

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