Alternative Images of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

I am inspired today by my blogging Pal Jo who has completed a thirty one day challenge to post in pictures and in words about a visit to Barcelona.

In 2018 I visited Barcelona and my friend and keen photographer Richard spent every spare minute taking pictures of Sagrada Familia.ย  I am convinced that he possesses the largest collection of pictures of the Gaudi masterpiece in the entire World.

I am quite unable to compete with either Jo or Richard so I offer you these alternative images.

These are from the walls of the nearby metro station…

This is from the beach at Barconaleta…

By Dali…

And this is from the inevitable gift shop…


40 responses to “Alternative Images of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

  1. I like the Dali version.

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  2. Certainly not run of the mill – refreshing

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  3. Applause! Applause! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ I was just about to post day 31 when I spotted this. Thanks, Andrew- it’s been a long January!

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  4. The works has begun but due to the virus will take past 2026 to complete, this is a never ending story!

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  6. Amazingly, they don’t outmatch the real deal, no matter how extreme they are!

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  7. I like the Dali one. Very colourful.

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  8. You always remember where you were when Kennedy died and I was in Monseratt visiting the home of cousins of Spanish friends who lived 3 generations in one house each, with a separate floor and the livestock on the bottom. I’ll never forget it – or the smell of the animals that seeped upwards! I also saw Poble Espanyol in the sixties, one of the few attractions there, which Franco was taking credit for as something he’d had made ‘for the Spanish people’. Maybe he had, who knows.

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  9. Thanks for putting me right about that. I had never thought to check on it as I got my information from the students I met at the time. Wrongly, as it now turns out.

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  10. I like your style. Particularly your homage to Dali at Barceloneta. What a shame it’s unlikely still to be standing.

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  11. The beach creation is outstanding!

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  12. Peggy and I certainly took a bunch of photos, Andrew. Impossible not to. I like your approach. Fun. And I have always like Dali, going all the way back to my college years at Berkeley. It would be fun to go to the museum. There is also a Dali museum in Tampa that I have promised myself I will visit the next time Peggy and I visit our kids in Florida. โ€“Curt

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