Memory Post – Tyndale Street, Leicester

Every now and again I do a memory post – something from my past.  This is one of a sequence of posts about houses that I lived in.

The West End of Leicester was developed around about the 1900s when affordable housing was required to provide accommodation for the workers in the booming footwear and hosiery industries in the city.

The land was acquired from a wealthy protestant landowner who had some residual say in the naming of the streets – Luther, Latimer, Ridley, Cranmer and Tyndale, all sixteenth century Protestant martyrs.  The area is predictably called the Martyrs and the Church of the Martyrs stands nearby.

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6 responses to “Memory Post – Tyndale Street, Leicester

  1. Nice story visited 1980 Leics my univ girlfriend was from there lol! and her father retired Captain royal Air force was my football manager at the univ!!! That was hilarious! thanks for the memories!


  2. Spent my first 6 years in a very similar house, but not with such a decorative door and window lintels. Not sure from the picture, but does the house on the right still have its original boot scraper.


  3. Interesting and great as always Andrew.


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