Monday Washing Lines – Villajoyosa in Spain


Welcome to my latest theme. Monday Washing Lines.

“They that wash on Monday have all the week to dry…”  – Victorian advice on housekeeping routines set in stone the idea that Monday should be wash-day, so that everything could be dried, pressed, aired and folded well before Sunday, the day of rest and clean clothes.

This impressive line of washing was in Villajoyosa near Alicante in Spain.  The woman has done a good job and has earned her siesta…

It is a Challenge, do feel free to join in…

29 responses to “Monday Washing Lines – Villajoyosa in Spain

  1. Ooh, I might join in if I get organised!


  2. Fab photo and great theme. I will see what I can dig out…..


  3. …. and best of all, her washing will dry – the same day!


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  5. Exactly. I’m in Spain too with my washing line. Barcelona again. Gaudí again:

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  7. Nicely colour matched, of course, Andrew. I remembered yesterday but then forgot this morning, and I had a Monday Mural I wanted to use 😦 I think you’re going to have plenty of support though. 🙂

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  8. I’m not surprised she’s exhausted!

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  10. What a great theme, Andrew. And I love this shot – I can see why she’s resting.
    I couldn’t resist joining in –


  11. As an Aussie who lived most of his life in wide open spaces my first view of close living was about 50 years ago in Naples where I saw lines of washing hanging across a street from one building to another and about three or four stories up. It was an eye opener.


  12. Back then I had very limited camera usage. The answer is, No!”

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  13. oh what a great challenge – will get myself organised for Monday


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  16. I have found one or two! This is my first from Venice


  17. Most of my photos are of outdoor landscapes. Not many washing lines out there, Andrew. 🙂 But I sure remember the fresh smell of sheets and clothes dried outside in the days before washing machines and dryers. Another thing that was sacrificed to convenience. And I might add, I always have clothes lines when I backpack. That, great fresh smell is lacking I’m afraid, however, since I often wash my clothes with out soap, including jumping in lakes. –Curt


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