Memory Post – Ledwell Drive, Leicester

After a couple of years living close to Leicester city centre in Tyndale Street my parents were ready for a move and were looking to go up a rung or two on the housing ladder, Dad had had a promotion at work at Leicestershire County Council working at the Education Department so the time was right to move on.

For some Reason Dad liked to take pictures outside the Front door of the house.

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10 responses to “Memory Post – Ledwell Drive, Leicester

  1. Love your wheels! But you don’t look too happy…..


  2. We also progressed from a terrace to a semi when I was 6. Parents later moved up to detached but that was just before I left for an even worse terrace in Leeds.


  3. Ah, those were the days when we could think of progressing up the housing ladder. Now the kids can’t even get on it!


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