On This Day – Valentine’s Day Blunder

So I continue to look back through the archives and am reminded that on Valentine’s Day in 2015 I was in the Polish City of Warsaw…

After a first look at the Old Town and completing a circuit just to get our bearings and identify some potential restaurants for later we found a bar with a vacant table and ordered our first Polish beers. The waiter tried to persuade us to eat but we said it was too early.

He was rather persistent and told us this would be a good time because later everywhere would be full. Kim wondered if we should book a table somewhere but I passed this off as opportunist salesmanship and persuaded her that there really was no need.

This was a decision that I was going to regret later!

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10 responses to “On This Day – Valentine’s Day Blunder

  1. Just read the post in full and realised I’d liked it previously! Poland has long been on our wishlist but will have to wait a while now before we can visit. Am enjoying reading travel posts though to feel connected to to the wider world in these strange times.


  2. Stalin’s Gift in red….


  3. Ah sweet love….


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  4. Stalin and his architecture got around!

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  5. I kind of knew where this one was heading – and I was right!


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