On This Day – Entertaining Grandchildren

In February 2017 my Grandchildren came to stay for a few days at school half term holiday.


I took them to the Yorkshire seaside town of Hornsea.

I live close to the sea myself, near the resort town of Cleethorpes in Lincolnshire but although it is a popular holiday resort it has to be said that it is just a muddy estuary where the sea is barely visible for long periods of the day.

By contrast, Hornsea ia a real North Sea coast town with a raging sea, barnacled groynes, pounding surf, churning water and a pebble beach clattering away as it was constantly rearranged by the tidal surge.

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8 responses to “On This Day – Entertaining Grandchildren

  1. I enjoyed reading the very funny original post. I wonder what else William will get up to.
    One of my grandsons once set off the fire alarms at Harewood House.


  2. I’ve never known it not be windy in Hornsea


  3. Memories, memories! I don’t have grandchildren but remember only too well my younger daughter’s love for the sea (failing that, any water) that she could make a bee-line for and then sit in no matter what the weather or temperature. I too, really enjoyed reading the original post, Andrew.


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