February Garden Shadows

21 responses to “February Garden Shadows

  1. I shall have a shadow garden with shadow weeds. And when I get fed up with all the weeds, I shall just turn the light off.

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  2. There’s something fabulous about those and the sense of hopefulness they convey. Thank you!


  3. That’s a real bit of Friday uplift! Thank you


  4. spooky shadows walks around the house lol!


  5. Shadows mean sunshine, Andrew 🙂 🙂 Of which we have none today. It’s pouring!


  6. Sunny in Kent too! Started a couple of larger garden projects this week and have been working in a T shirt – in February!


  7. Also sunny in Surrey. What a difference it makes to our wellbeing!

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  8. What a brilliant idea. I’ll stop moaning about the sun going off certain areas and get that camera out!

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