It’s a Bugs Life

The unseasonally good weather has encouraged the plants in the garden to grow, buds to swell and bugs and insects to make an early appearance.

There is a plethora of ladybirds…

In the USA a group or swarm of ladybirds (which they call ladybugs) is called a loveliness. How nice is that.  The wife of Lyndon Johnson, the 39th President of the USA was called Lady Bird and that is a curious fact and good pub quiz question.

Other famous people with creature names are Buffalo Bill, Bear Grylls, Seal, Tiger Woods, Michael J Fox  and Newt Gingrich,

Butterflies too in the garden, the second one seems to have been in a scrap and come off worst…

There were bees as well, but they were too quick for me to get a picture.

Butterflies are easier because a stay still…

23 responses to “It’s a Bugs Life

  1. Spring has sprung…

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  2. Gosh, you’ve now added nature photography to your portfolio … there’s no end to your talents! We can offer you a colony of ladybirds who’ve been ‘roosting ‘ on our bedroom window frame all winter. They’re just beginning to move off now, so you’ll have to be quick.


  3. The tattered butterfly has been caught by a bird in its beak, but managed to get away. Butterflies don’t fight other butterflies, they do flying duels where they fly around chasing each other for minutes on end. You can see it sometimes over flowery grassland or perhaps in a sunlit clearing in a wood.


  4. beneficial bugs for eco agro indeed!


  5. Great photos Andrew


  6. Feeling just a tad jealous now – our part of the Kent coast has been wrapped in a sea fog since Monday, which has hung around all day. It feels a long way from butterfly weather just now!


  7. A good all round post. I suppose Newt was the most unfortunate


  8. Gosh those butterflies are early! Expect they are the overwintering ones. And I have rarely seen a ladybird since moving to Cornwall.


  9. Spring has certainly sprung in your garden, but not mine so far. I’ve seen a poor bumble bee that was lost and a few bedraggled spiders but little else.
    But, I have a great-niece called Birdie, a re-arrangement of her grandmother’s name, Bridie.

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  10. Those are all lovely. No doubt you remember the summer with plagues of ladybirds – 1976 I think, they weren’t so lovely then!

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