Monday Washing Lines – Naples in Italy


Welcome to my latest theme. Monday Washing Lines.

Naples is a traditional Italian living and working class city with shabby narrow streets, care worn but brightly colour-washed buildings that have ancient coats of paint which have blotched and blurred by successive harsh summers and the result is a glorious wash like water colours leaking in the rain, everything running, flaking and fusing.

The streets between the houses are deep gullies made vibrant by washing lines carelessly strung outside windows and across the pavements like tattered bunting as though in anticipation of an important carnival, dripping and swaying above little shops, street food vendors and small bars.

It is a Challenge. Do feel free to join in…

44 responses to “Monday Washing Lines – Naples in Italy

  1. I love this one, Andrew. Though not a great shot it exudes that edgy atmosphere that is Naples. 🙂 🙂 I’m not formally joining you this week, but I did leave a bit of washing on the line for you. It’s the other half of a cottage from my last washing post. When I passed by yesterday they had blankets out on the line. A sign of warmer times.

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  2. That is typical of many but pizzas were created there !

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  4. I love this atmospheric shot Andrew. Mine is short on photographic technique this week, but has a certain atmosphere:


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  6. I love it! Italian streets are something else! Here’s mine, we’re off to a Greek Island three plus decades ago:


  7. You have definitely caught the edgy spirit of Naples, Andrew. Naples was my first encounter with Italy and I still love the city. Glad to see there still finding somewhere to hang their washing!
    I’m in Barcelona this week:


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  9. Love your description of Napoli streets. Never been and probably never will now. Steep streets and I no longer get on!


  10. We had the same with friends who wouldn’t join us in a visit to Palermo. I think it was a bit dangerous, but then where isn’t, and the edginess adds an extra layer to the place.


  11. If mother had clothes draped over clothes horses round the fire in winter father would sniff and say that it looked like the slums of Naples…


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  14. The washing lines add character to the place.


  15. I feel I’m falling into that! In a good way, of course.


  16. Even I have a photo of the washing lines in Naples, Andrew. 🙂 I went looking for it but its buried somewhere.–Curt


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