National Potato Chips Day in the U.S.A.

March 14th is National Potato Chips Day in the U.S.A. and although mine is not a food blog I am happy to recycle my post about potato chips…

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23 responses to “National Potato Chips Day in the U.S.A.

  1. You cannot beat a chip buttie

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  2. Does “potato chips” to an American mean “crisps” ? That always confuses me enormously. Or do they call “crisps” “crisps”?


  3. Happy National Potato Chips Day.


  4. Yes, Americans call crisps “chips” and chips “french fries”. While we didn’t invent the french fries (I believe Belgians originated them), we did invent chips, so can rightfully insist you call them chips, not “crisps”. LOL!


  5. this is one of my dream holidays, thanks for this, and you can be sure I’ll celebrate! here, potato chips are what we dip in onion dip, crunchy and in a bag. French fries are fried in oil, fresh and hot, and what brits call chips. this world is such an interesting place, and we all love potatoes in most any form, that is what is the same.


  6. As for “chips”, I understand the Spanish and French have some claim to their invention. Since the potato arrived in Europe through Spain… Oh well, wherever they came into being, I’m glad and I will eat them by any name, any time I can!

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  7. I am such a huge potato chip fan, that I have to say, these are not potato chips pictured here, Andrew. For us in the U.S., potato chips are thin, flat disks. Super crunchy. What you are displaying in these scrumptious photos are, to us folks in the U.S., french fries. Either way, it’s all a celebration of the potato, no matter what country we live in. Cheers to you and potatoes too.


  8. National Potato Chip Day is worth celebrating, even with fries because they are also chips to many.


  9. Ah, Andrew, I know you have a strong view of what constitutes a potato chip, and who am I to argue with it. 🙂 But Americans aren’t going to start calling their chips, Crisps. Americans eat some 1.5 billion pounds of potato chips a year. Whole sections of grocery stores are devoted to them and they come in an unending variety of sizes, flavors, and textures. I was eating ruffles today. They come with ridges. Yesterday, I was eating kettle-fried potato chips, the latest craze. And if you tire of potato chips you can also buy corn chips, in the yellow or blue variety. Or you can buy chips made form tortillas for dipping in your hot salsa. The American version of the potato chip goes back over a 150 years. They are hardly “Johnny come latelys.” Laughing. –Curt


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