Monday Washing Lines – Marino in Italy


Welcome to my latest theme. Monday Washing Lines.

This is the Italian town of Marino quite close to Rome. I like the way the woman is watching out over the washing line, surely not concerned that there maybe a rain shower.

It is a Challenge. Do feel free to join in…

31 responses to “Monday Washing Lines – Marino in Italy

  1. Great capture, Andrew….and she’s people watching in the street below, I’m sure! Here’s my slightly more rural take:


  2. She’s probably seen you, she’s frowning!!


  3. Typical cloth line! at the end they dried up better…naturally.


  4. … or that the clothes are not colour coded …


  5. I have never seen these type of laundry hanging on windows here in Germany but in Ph yes for sure. Here I love hanging our laundry in the terrace in Summer, dries quite quickly.What is unique here is people hang out their quilts and drapes from their windows to “air” them…


  6. Another good one, Andrew


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  8. She’s wondering why on earth you are photographing her washing! I eould have though this one would irritate you Andrew, it’s rather randomly hung out and definitely not colour co-ordinated.
    Mine’s a little better hung, I think.


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  10. Love the header of your blog, really made me smile


  11. I didn’t think she had to worry about you stealing her laundry, Andrew, unless your taste in clothes are a bit different than I expect they are. 🙂 –Curt


  12. Nice colours in this. You’re not coming up in my Reader, Andrew, so I’ll re-Follow 🙂 🙂


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  14. I reckon she’s hoping her undies don’t fall on your head!
    I forgot to post my washing yesterday, but here it is now:

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