Ivan Petcher, Sports Reporter

My dad, Ivan, the one in the middle, would have been eighty-nine years old today but sadly he didn’t make it by some way.  I think about him every day but especially so on March 27th.

Luckily I have boxes full of memories and amongst them I have his exercise books where he wrote his sports reports.

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He was an avid sports fan, anything about Leicester, if I could wish one thing it would be that he saw Leicester City win the English Premier League in 2016.

11 responses to “Ivan Petcher, Sports Reporter

  1. Good that you have so many happy memories, Andrew. 🙂 🙂

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  2. Memories forever and a guidance for you, RIP

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  3. I’ve enjoyed reading the posts that have included your dad.
    You always sounded so proud of him. And to me, it sounds as though he gave his family an idyllic life.

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