Monday Washing Lines – Koufonisia

Welcome to my latest theme. Monday Washing Lines.

This one I spotted on the Greek Island of Koufonisia, I think it was the uniformity of the branding of the socks that really caught my eye and the nagging thought “who wears socks in the Greek Islands?

In the apartment next to us there was a young French couple. They were like a couple of characters from a French movie – silent, quiet, moody and almost completely non-communicative as each did their own thing, he drinking endless cups of coffee and smoking his way through a packet of cigarettes, blowing smoke rings and contemplating the resulting shapes and she permanently connected to the internet through her laptop or staring blankly at her mobile phone.

Everyday there was a washing line full of clean clothes with what I for one thought included an abnormal amount of socks! I am not against washing on holiday, I quite like the smell of Tide, but it seems such a waste of time to be carrying out chores normally associated with home.

There was enough material here for a complete Luc Besson trilogy, here was the first – ‘Les Vacance de la Introvertis’ to be followed up I suggest with ‘La Maison de la Introvertis’ and finally ‘Les Jardin de la Introvertis’. It’s sure to be a winner!

Can you work out the embedded message in the colour order of the pegs?

Answer tomorrow.

55 responses to “Monday Washing Lines – Koufonisia

  1. Envy, mourning, cowardice, trust/loyalty, more envy, more mourning, then blood-lust . . .

    I’m guessing something to do with soccer (football, around your parts). Or booze.


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  3. Well, it’s not a rainbow, so … nope.. Sadly, I’ve run out of washing lines, though not of washing.


  4. All I can come up with is Great Britain YB Great Britain Rules and if YB had been RB I would have said Rule Britannia!


  5. PS. Perhaps the YB is Yorkshire’s Best!


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  7. Nope, you have me flummoxed! But those are very white socks, Obviously bought new for the holiday and only worn on an evening- dress socks! Thanks for the Monday smile 🙂 🙂 I’ve gone for overkill.

    Blowing in the wind


  8. I’m still enough of a French teacher to congratulate you on a very gallant attempt but when your film comes out, the title will have to be “Les vacances/la maison/les vacances des introvertis”
    My granny used to have a little shop and she sold Persil, Tide, Surf and Omo as far as I remember..


  9. WP messing me around! 🙂 🙂

    Blowing in the wind


  10. You’ve got me fair flummoxed,….Well, here’s. My bright muddle for today! :I


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  13. Maybe they wanted to play tennis… But the Greek Islands are too hot for that.

    Drying on the roof


  14. You think that’s a lot of socks? You should see my son’s collection, he has three large drawers crammed full of them! As for the pegs, the only thing I can think of is a sequence of snooker balls 🙂


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  16. I hope he didn’t wear them with sandals!
    Doesn’t sound as though they were having great holiday, but it did mean a good washing shot for you, Andrew.
    I’m back in Vietnam for mine, but terra firma this week:


  17. Can’t solve the puzzle and Debbie beat me to sandals


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  19. can’t wait to see the mystery solved – most exciting thing about that couple )

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  20. Obviously new socks for the holidays, whites never stay white for long. A bumper pack from amazon? You have to wonder why not trainer socks though, they’d make sense. As for the clue, I have no clue other than something to do with football or rugby? God bless you blues… 😅


  21. That’s a lot of sports socks


  22. Surely more likely to be tennis than football. Either that or they both work in the Marketing Dept of Puma. Although of course M. Macron has recently rather eloquently shown us that trying to understand the French is an unrewarding and pointless exercise….


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  25. After Geriatrix and Restlessjo informed me of this challenge, I found it hard to say no. Here is my post:

    Monday laundry & windows

    And I agree on no socks on Greek islands.

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  26. They maybe had some kind of sock fetish going on? Rumours of your question had reached me on the grapevine, but I don’t know the answer either.


  27. Puma socks, no less. Fun description of the French couple, Andrew. –Curt


  28. And the answer is?


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