A to Z of Balconies – Delft in The Netherlands

In December 2012 I took the Hull to Rotterdam ferry with my son and visited the charming town of Delft.

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7 responses to “A to Z of Balconies – Delft in The Netherlands

  1. A gap on my travel map. Looks great. A-Z of balconies is an ace idea and quite a challenge. Will V be that contrived one in Verona I wonder! I love your attention to detail – balconies, doors, washing lines etc. Us blokes all like a list and collecting!


  2. Did you know that way back, before WWll I think, china merchants were called Delft merchants? My grandfather sold china from a cabin in the local market and he was listed in the Blue Book as a Delf (sic) Merchant. He and my grandmother always called china “the delf” and It wasn’t until I visited Holland- and Delft – in my early twenties (to hear the Dutch Swing College Band) that I put the two together. I often wondered if he knew the origen.

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  3. A strange coincidence. I’ve just spoken to a cousin who says the term ‘delf’ for china, was used right up to the lare forties.

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  4. So this one I do recognise! John was at a conference in Delft once and I went along: explored it the first day, then caught trains to The Hague and Rotterdam the other days. Years later we returned on a day trip from Amsterdam. It hadn’t changed much!

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